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Coke Battery Maintenance

Complete Battery Maintenance (CBM)

Coke Battery

Fosbel specializes in providing Complete Battery Maintenance (CBM) Services to optimize productivity and extend the life of coke batteries. 

Fosbel’s CBM Services are a comprehensive approach to coke battery maintenance that incorporates daily condition monitoring, preventative maintenance and remedial repairs for our customers to:

  • Optimize Production
  • Extend Asset Life
  • Reduce Emissions to Assist in Achieving Environmental Compliance
  • Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs
Coke Production

For more than 30 years, Fosbel has been performing coke battery services while continually innovating new services, making Fosbel the preferred choice of coke producers around the world for both preventative and remedial maintenance.

The CBM Service Portfolio includes:

Each of Fosbel's services are unmatched in quality and safety, from the equipment and materials used to the manpower onsite.

Contact Fosbel today to learn more about a service or to have a complete maintenance solution tailored to meet plant-specific requirements.

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