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MICOWALL™ (Modular Interlocking Coke Oven WALL) Coke Oven Wall Rebuild Technology

MICOWALLTM Construction

MICOWALL™ endflue 
during heat up

MICOWALL™ is Fosbel’s patented innovative coke oven wall rebuild technology that can be constructed utilizing either conventional or fused silica:

  • Utilizes 90% less shapes
  • Reduces downtime
  • Maintains structural integrity (fully interlocking)

A MICOWALL™ endflue or through wall repair utilizes significantly fewer of the original design shapes to reduce push-to-charge downtime without compromise to coke battery wall quality and structural integrity.

MICOWALL™ shapes are easily manageable and safer due to reduced weight as compared to conventional designs, allowing for rapid installation. The original structural and thermodynamic integrity of the oven wall is also maintained with a special interlocking design, which is especially needed around the horizontal flue.

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