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MONOWALL™ Monolithic Oven Wall Rebuilds

Fosbel Coke Oven Double Flue Monolithic Rebuild
MONOWALL™ double through wall: inner & outer forms in place

Fosbel MONOWALL Coke Oven Rebuild with wall poured
MONOWALL™ double through wall: pumping complete

Fosbel MONOWALL Coke Oven Through Wall Rebuild Before Heat Up
through wall before heat up

Fosbel MONOWALL Coke Oven Through Wall Rebuild After Heat Up
through wall after heat up

Fosbel’s newest innovation in rebricking is MONOWALL™, a fused silica monolithic technology for replacing through walls, endflues and corbels. 

Some advantages of the MONOWALL™ process include:

  • Use of fused silica technology provides: 
    • Less heat up time than conventional silica
    • Faster turnaround of the oven means less production loss
    • No expansion provisions needed
  • The nature of the monolithic structure means fewer joints:
    • Fewer future leak potentials
    • Smoother pushing surface
  • Greater flexibility:
    • Adaptation to any battery / corbel design
    • Builds to existing battery growth
  • No need to hold brick inventory or for long delivery time of conventional bricks
    • Allows for “unplanned” damage repair
  • Rapid return on investment
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