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Melter Crown Overcoats

Glass Furnace Melter Crown Overcoat Options

Crown Overcoats

For damaged glass furnace crowns, Overcoats are one hot repair option offered by Fosbel. The crown overcoat process restores stability to the crown area while at operating temperature.

Melter Crown Overcoat: Shotcast in process
Melter crown overcoat in process

Completed Crown Overcoat
Completed crown overcoat


Dual Crown Overcoat Process

In the case of severe crown damage, another option is Fosbel’s innovative Dual Crown Overcoat Process, which utilizes a combination of an Overcoat plus Ceramic Welding for superior internal and external crown restabilization. This enables better sealing of the crown to:

  • Extend furnace life
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Protect the crown investment


Insulation Removal

Hot Spots

Overcoat application in process

Insulation Removal

Hot spots identified to be 
repaired with
Ceramic Welding

Overcoat application in progress

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