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The world leader in on-line furnace refractory repairs & maintenance

Fosbel Ceramic Welding & Furnace Refractory Maintenance Services

Fosbel is a world leader in furnace refractory maintenance services.  For over 30 years, Fosbel has developed and implemented innovative technologies that extend furnace life and increase productivity in a wide range of Industries.

Fosbel's industry experts partner with plant management & furnace operators to engineer a total maintenance solution that optimizes production, reduces maintenance & energy costs, and reduces emissions.

Fosbel provides a wide range of innovative Furnace Maintenance Services such as ceramic welding, gunning, furnace rebricking, rebuilding, in situ inspections, condition monitoring, high emissivity ceramic coatings, consulting and a variety of hot repair & refractory maintenance technologies.

Unmatched experience, superior technology and quality of service are the keys to Fosbel’s unique offering and market leadership.

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